As a Market Trader, The Hat Man spent many years traveling the length and breath of Ireland and sometimes further afield attending at local markets, fairs and other such events.
However as the years rolled by and the body began to show the wrinkles, it was time to put the foot on the brakes and ease up on the throttle. Goodbyes were said to all fellow Traders, Hotel management and staff, B&B owners, plus of course all loyal customers and trading was then curtailed to just on Sundays.
Having spent 25 years trading OUTDOOR at The Fairyhouse Sunday Market, this too became more wearying, mainly due to the adverse weather conditions we’ve been experiencing over the last number of years.

So here I am in my nice comfy office (the kitchen table actually) starting out on yet another venture with this website.
As you well know, every journey starts with one small footstep and therefore please consider this current site as the starting point.